ASOS - Feb, 2014

ASOS WardrobeApp design

To enter D&AD new blood award

March 2013


There are many fashion-inspiring services in the mobile market. They show us fabulous outfits. But customers cannot always match their clothes directly, because they don’t have the same items as the outfits displayed or the outfits are too high-fashion to wear in every day life.

This is the reason why we’ve made ASOS Wardrobe. If our fashion-inspiring service recommends items based on what users already have or have just bought, users can make nice outfits by just purchasing one or two extra items in a “related items” section in the application.

ASOS wardrobe can improve customer satisfaction because it suggests lots of different kinds of looks that customers actually can match, and also can increase sales at ASOS shopping service. It’s a win-win platform for both shoppers and ASOS.