Wanderworld - May, 2014

Wander World(Beta)App & Web design


SK Planet, KR
May,2014 - 15 Auguest,2014


Head of design: App and Web UX/GUI design, Branding, Charater design,
Introducing video production


Awwwards - Honorable Mentions
FWA - public shortlist
CSS awards - featured

SAPO tek, Smooth-web, CSS Author, Web Design Inspiration and so on..

The easiest way to make your travel journal

WanderWorld, the easiest way to make travel Journal and keep your travel memories. WanderWorld is a travel journal app that helps you keep every precious moment of your journey. It frees you from organizing trip diaries and pictures. It also arranges your journal by time and place so you can manage your trip journal more easily.

If you make your own story on your mobile while travel, it automatically makes web version travel blog. So you can very easily organize your travel journal and share it with your friends in a very simple way!

Our Vision

To help people to keep and share their unique and pleasant memories. Make people more easily communicate and find information about experience of travels.


This is the 40s movie for in-house presentation of Wanderworld mobile application developing team of SK Planet.

Director & Edit- Hong Jong Woo/ Producer & Art director - An Hyun-Hee/ Model - Charlène Bolou/ Special Thanks to Xavier Lefèvre, Sarah Banim/ Original music from Yuri Miyauchi

Parts of Wanderworld landing page. for now it's closed but soon or later website re-open again!
responsible & Parallex animation applied.